Anonymous asked - "Hi! I was thinking about applying to an A&F in my area and I have no idea what to wear to the interview! especially for the shoes! Im a guy btw, please help :O"

I would mostly likely wear my darkest skinny jeans, and cuff them up (ROLLED UP TWICE!) then i would either wear a nice plaid/classic red and navy shirt, or a navy and white shirt! Then i would wear some nice leather flip flops! but if your not a flip-flop type of dude, try some classic converse or navy toms. If your going to wear any type of shoe, make sure to keep it neutral! Navy’s and  Black’s look best!

Ultimately what you wear doesnt really matter, just try to outshine the others with your personality, and you’r chances are sure to be better than the others! Good luck!

oh, and if you need a more detailed reference for the wear, i suggest you try this look:                        

Anonymous asked - "u seem smart and cool, i like the way you think! i also agree with the color/neon deal!"

thank you very much!!

Anonymous asked - "do you like the whole neon color thing going on?"

okay, so I actually wanted to say something about this for a while now! First off, neon is trending very big in some spring fashion collections! So i thought it was very smart, and courageous of A&F and its brands to come out with the “Neon/Color” collection. The reason i said courageous is because some people thought it was an awful look, and some blogs on here were in some ways “bashing” it! Personally, I LOVE it! I think that the brands are keeping up very well, and they are doing an amazing job! 

The way I look at it, most people who shop A&F and it’s brands usally might fit the whole “Cool, chill, nice” personality that the company has! The neon/color bottoms is just a fun clothing item that really makes your personality shine! The cool pop colors, like the bright pinks, oranges, greens, yellows, reds etc. are just fun, and colorful! The company really aims for teenagers, and as youthful teens, we are mostly recognized as having fun and enjoying or time being young! The neon colors really represent cool, youthful and careless fun, so as a young teenager, I LOVE IT!! It is summer anyways, we need a little bright colors, right?!:)

Anonymous asked - "What are AAA's"

It’s like a name for a dress code  that the stores wants you to wear, most likely its the new seasons wear, along with that, they give you a 50% off. Only employees get AAA’s tho. 

Anonymous asked - "What's GH"

GH is an abbreviation for Gilly Hicks. It is a store that Abercombie and Fitch founded!

Anonymous asked - "Is this Tumblr run by home office, or just an A&F fan?"

A&F fan! I believe that home has only three main pages: Original online merchandise store, Facebook, and Twitter! 

Anonymous asked - "When will more Gilly Hicks stores open in the US? 17 is not enough!"

I really don’t know, hopefully/maybe if people start asking A&F, or HCO employees/mangers about the lack of GH stores, they will see that people want GH! Other than that, i really don’t know!

Anonymous asked - "what is your favorite store? HCO, A&F, or GH??"

well, it’s really hard to say, but i think that ultimately Abercrombie & Fitch is the best. It is the first company out of all of them, and it’s very classic, yet on trend with the clothing items! 

lordineedasweetdistraction asked - "Why are all the girl models pigeon-toed? They look funny..."

it gives it a cute look?? I really don’t know haha 

Anonymous asked - "What's your favorite look from the women's new looks?"

I actually like the “Date Night” look (1) I think it’s very cute, I love the colors. It’s very simple and easy to pull off! 

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